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On Serial Killers

After the last six months of binge watching forensic shows, serial killer documentaries, and obliterating all other suggestions for content on Netflix…I have have to wonder if the uptick in serial killer programming is by design.  What does it say about American society that we are obsessed with the macabre?  What could be in store for a people desensitized to murder and death?



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Black Feminist Thought

Screen Shot 2017-01-14 at 8.58.44 PM.pngBy Patricia Hill Collins


Black Maine

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Couple inquires about this and I’ve only been living here for a year now.

In 2013, it seems there was some kind of state acknowledgement that Maine should try harder to celebrate Black history because I found some pathetic write-ups in a few disparate organziations’ archives (couldn’t figure out where the education or honor was, just a frequent use of the word diverse…)

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