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On Serial Killers

After the last six months of binge watching forensic shows, serial killer documentaries, and obliterating all other suggestions for content on Netflix…I have have to wonder if the uptick in serial killer programming is by design.  What does it say about American society that we are obsessed with the macabre?  What could be in store for a people desensitized to murder and death?



Constitution & D of I

Tropic of Cancer

Tropic of Cancer / Henry Miller

Excellent example of a censor’s dream; mad, sexual, poor, a Mind floating free?! Extinguish it.

When you sit alone, reading privately the madness of another, the seed of human liberation begins to take root. They are free and naked, baring their thoughts and utterly uncivil yearnings–so why not me, too? Why not revel in the freedom only the mind can give? Just this once, or for forever. Stop working and paying taxes and wearing pants out of doors. Eat very little and laugh, so spending your days cuddling with other liberated humans. These are humans. Not people. Big difference; take note.